Policy Statement

Employee Safety Is Our Goal.

Connolly-Pacific Co. (CP) believes that everyone benefits from a safe and healthful work environment. We are committed to maintaining an injury-free and illness-free workplace, and complying with applicable laws and regulations governing workplace safety.

To achieve this goal CP has established an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (“IIPP”). The work performed by CP personnel is varied, both in nature and location. Under all circumstances, it is the intent of CP to: 1) comply with the requirements and spirit of the California Code of Regulations, Title 8; and 2) provide a safe and healthful work environment for its employees. This program is everyone’s responsibility as we work together to identify and eliminate conditions and practices that reduce the benefits of a safe and healthful work environment. CP expects and requires all employees to follow the requirements set forth in this IIPP.

Objectives include:

  • Provide a safety program consistent with good construction practices;
  • Reduce the number of accidents to an absolute minimum;
  • Create an attitude of safety consciousness in general management, field supervision and employees;
  • Provide for assignment of specific responsibilities for effective implementation and continuation of our safety program;
  • Provide a basis for continuing safety education and training.

To accomplish objectives, actions include:

  • Pre-planning for safety in CP operations through job hazard analyses. Management experience and expertise to be used to anticipate and mitigate or eliminate accident-producing situations;
  • Provide mechanical and physical safeguards to the maximum extent possible;
  • Conducting a program of safety inspections to discover and correct unsafe working conditions or practices;
  • Training all employees on good safety practices;
  • Providing necessary personal protective equipment;
  • Developing and enforcing safety rules and requiring that all employees cooperate with these rules as a condition of employment;
  • and, investigating every accident promptly to find its cause and correcting the problem in order to prevent recurrence.