Slope Protection

On Call Services for the Repair of Rock Dikes at Port of Long Beach

Owner: Port of Long Beach
Date(s): March 2016 – December 2018
Project scope: Furnish & inject anti-wash grout and furnish & install 12” Minus Rock, Quarry Run Rock, and Armor Rock to repair existing rock dikes

Rip-rap Repair at Marine Stadium

Owner: City of Long Beach
Date(s): January 2014
Project scope: Furnish and install 150 tons rip-rap stone.

LA Waterfront – Downtown Harbor Water Cut

Owner: Port of Los Angeles
Date(s): June 2013
Project scope: Furnish and replace 2,000 tons of 3″ rock.

Berth 102 Slope Repair

Owner: Port of Los Angeles
Date(s): April 2011
Project scope: Furnish & place 482 tons of A-250 armor stone at Berth 102 to repair slope.